While financial stability was one of the top priority on 2017 governmental agenda, the rising level of bad debt has put Chinese banking sector under increasing scrutiny. The Non-Performing Loan (NPL) or bad debt ratio has been on a steady increase since 2011 only to stabilize at the […]

How serious is China’s bad debt problem?

Part 2 of our episode on the Chinese banking system. We have seen in the first part that the level bad debt (NPL) in the Chinese banking sector has increased in later years. The Chinese NPL level is actually low by international comparison. However, this is due to a […]

#4.2 Will China face a banking crisis? Part 2

After two years in China, it was finally time for me to invest my saving in RMB. So I went to my local bank to find out my investment options. While we wait in the line, let me give you some updates on the Chinese banking sector. In […]

#4.1 Will China face a banking crisis? Part 1

  You’ve probably noticed that during the first US presidential debate, besides “China” you can quite often hear the world “currency manipulator”. Indeed, besides claiming that China was ”stealing US jobs”, Donald Trump’s condemns China as a currency manipulator. Well is China a currency manipulator? Let’s find out. […]

#3 Mr Trump, is China a currency manipulator?

Dear listeners, China Economy Podcast needs you. If Chinese economy and podcasting are interesting and fun for you, the show is looking for producers and co-hosts. If you are located in Beijing and would be interested in working together on the project, shoot me an email at chinaeconomypodcast[at]gmail.com. […]

Bonus: China Economy Podcast needs you

In June 2015 Chinese stock market entered a period of strong volatility triggering concerns in China and worldwide. After a year of strong increase, the market crashed two times in six months. I was about to take a week of vacation when all that began… We will answer […]

#2 How the Chinese stock market ruined my vacation

Chinese debt level is the most important issue regarding China’s economy future. China’s debt level is high and has been growing at a fast pace in recent years. Corporate debt seems to be the major concern of most commentators. Should we be worried about Chinese leverage? We will […]

#1 Should we be worried about Chinese debt level?